Near business at risk of violent crime/high crime area?

Possibility of violent, drugged or intoxicated persons

Signs of vandalism (graffiti, damage, theft, etc)

Isolated location or in heavy industrial/manufacturing area?

Is the site secured by a barrier not easily crossed?

Are there signs prohibiting entry by unauthorized persons?

Is there security/security system during all working hours?

Does anyone:

Work alone or in small numbers or on night shift?

Have to access dark or remote areas of the site?

Receive deliveries or meet people at perimeter of site?

Have very tight or stressful schedules to coordinate?

Site Interior

Are safe zones clearly identified and marked on site?

Are there any hiding places / or isolated zones?

Is lighting adequate?

Is there more than one route through the site to safe areas?

Is there parking within the site perimeter?

Possible Entrapment Sites

Are there unoccupied rooms / areas that should be locked?

Are there small areas where a person could hide from view?

Behavioural / Cognitive

Is there a dispute resolution system in place?

Is there adequate pre-planning for work schedules?

Are there any language issues with workers on site?

Is there adequate full-time supervision of workers?

Natural Surveillance / Security

Are there physical objects/structures obstructing views?

Are there access control zones on the site?

Is site attendance controlled / recorded / monitored?

Are material laydown areas lit and have open visibility?

Is tool/equipment access clear and unobstructed?

Working Alone

Are there any areas which feel isolated? if yes, describe

If yes above, how far is the nearest person to hear a call for help?

Site Elevators

Do you full view of the elevator before entering?

Is there an emergency phone or call button in the elevator?

Is there a response procedure for elevator emergencies?


Is access to washrooms controlled or monitored?

Are washrooms in a common, well lit area?


Is a site safety/emergency/violence plan communicated to all workers through an orientation or instruction session?