Orientation Video

After you have completed the video, please fill out the form below and review our Health and Safety manual.

As an employee of Biggs and Narciso you must review our Orientation Safety Video to ensure that you are familiar with our Safety procedures.

Please review the Biggs and Narciso Safety Video and then complete the form below.

Biggs and Narciso Orientation Includes:
- Company History
- Our Vision
- Our Values​
- Health and Safety Responsibilities​
- Workplace Violence and Harassment
- Fitness For Duty Program​
- Fire Safety Program
- Respiratory Protection Program
- Demolition Program
- Working at Heights

​Now that you have reviewed the Orientation Safety Video, please complete the following information:
By signing below, you acknowledge that you have viewed and understand the Biggs and Narciso procedures as outlined above and in the video.

Employee Application & Orientation Checklist

Biggs and Narciso uses a 90 day probation time frame for new employees. This time
frame lets you assess your readiness for the position as well as allows us to determine your
ability to do the job. You will be provided documentation, training and
performance feedback during that time frame as part of your on-boarding.

As an at-will employee, the new hire may leave the position at any time without cause. Biggs and Narciso also has the right to terminate any employee with or without cause at any time.

Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the new hire is granted permanent employee status. Completing this probationary period does not guarantee continued employment with Biggs and Narciso. Employment is at-will and can be terminated at any time with or without cause. The employee is subject to all company policies and procedures.
I acknowledge that I have reviewed the following policies:

- Probationary period

- Health and Safety Policy and Program

- Health and Safety Duties under the ACT

- Job duties

- Fire protection equipment

- Site-specific hazards

- First-aid facilities and First-aiders' names

- Material Safety Data Sheet

- Name of Health and Safety representative

- Names of JHSC members

- Reporting injuries

- Reporting unsafe acts and unsafe conditions

- Emergency evacuation

- Right to know, participate, and refuse unsafe work

- Return to work program

- Probationary period
I acknowledge that I have reviewed the following Health and Safety procedures:

- Personal protective equipment

- Housekeeping

- Proper lifting techniques

- Restricted areas

- Material handling and storage

- Safe operation of equipment & inspection

- Emergency response
As an employee of Biggs and Narciso, I understand the requirement to work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the construction regulations, and the rules and guidelines included in the Health and Safety program.

Employee Release Form

The project you will be working on involves the use of asbestos and the removal of the asbestos from the building. Asbestos is considered a health hazard.

The company is supplying all necessary safety clothing and working conditions required and necessary for your protection form asbestos hazard.

You shall be instructed at commencement of the job on the required use of safety equipment, clothing, working conditions and procedures. These must be rigidly adhered to. Smoking is not permitted in the work areas. Disregarding of safety instruction shall result in instant dismissal.

I acknowledge that safety instructions have been given to me by the Company at my work commencement and I am thoroughly conversant with them and have answered the above questions truthfully.

Family Physician Contact Information

Direct Deposit Application

Address Information

Required Information

Bank Information

Email Address for Paystubs

On behalf of the company identified above. I hereby request and authorize TelPay Incorporated to process payments (as directed by you), by the company from the bank account specified above.
Please be advised that if all the necessary information is not provided direct deposit will not be available.

A direct deposit sheet from your bank must be attached with this application. If possible, attach required tax information as well.