Biggs and Narciso is commited to protecting the environment.

In order to ensure a consistent and pro-active approach, Biggs & Narciso has launched various initiatives which comprise our internal Environmental, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS). These core strategic elements are the foundation of this system and are interrelated. It was thought that having these elements as independent programs as in traditional health and safety programs may not be sufficient to help us achieve the level of safety excellence that we desire.


Biggs and Narciso is committed to protecting the environment through best practice environmental management, as well as promoting growth and development within defined environmental parameters to achieve our environmental objectives.

Health & Safety

Biggs & Narciso is firmly committed to providing a safe, healthy & environmentally responsible workplace for all employees, sub-contractors, visitors and any person(s) who may be affected by the work of our company. We shall conduct our business in a manner that eliminates or minimizes hazards, provides accident and injury prevention programs and ensures each of our employees returns safely to their families every evening.

Biggs & Narciso commits to providing training as required to our Management, Supervisors and Workers. We will cooperate and consult with relevant personnel as may be required to develop and implement the Health & Safety Program. We commit to conduct our business in compliance with all Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation.

Biggs & Narciso acknowledges the rights of workers, to know the procedures and safety requirements as it pertains to our work, to participate in our Health & Safety Programs and training, the right to
refuse work if they feel they feel it is unsafe but allowing us to address the issues and correct situations. Workers will not be reprised against for bringing for any Health & Safety concerns to our Company.

Biggs & Narciso does not accept or condone any Workplace Violence of Harassment in our workplaces. Safety is about the respect for our workers, and self-respect from our workers. Each worker & sub-contractor of B&N is held to the expectation that they will work in compliance with this program and all applicable regulations.


Biggs and Narciso prides itself on the name its created in the last three decades.  We are deeply passionate about our industry and it shows with each and every client who’s repeated work with us throughout the years. We ensure highly trained and experienced workers on your job sites.