Classification of the removal of asbestos-containing plaster, stucco and other hard surfaces

The Environmental Abatement Council of Canada has released a memo re-defining the classification of asbestos-containing plaster.  They now believe the previous Type 3 operation now falls under Type 2 procedures provided that certain parameters such as non-powered hand-held tools and HEPA filters are used.  A summary of their conclusion can be found below:

The minimum regulatory requirement in Ontario, for the removal of asbestos-containing
plaster, is to implement measures and procedures corresponding to a Type 2 operation,
provided that the following conditions are met:

1. The work is done only by means of non-powered hand-held tools.
2. The work is done by means of power tools that are attached to dust-collecting devices
equipped with HEPA filters.

Although the minimum regulatory requirement is to implement Type 2 measures and
procedures, EACC strongly recommends that risk assessments be completed by a competent
person, for each Project, to determine if more stringent health and safety measures and
procedures are required.

You can find the entire EACC memo here.

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